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I've made a career of making fun of chickens and the people who lift them.

The 24th Annual Yon Family Farms Sale was held at the farm in Ridge Spring, SC on February 15, 2014.

RAIN has sent beef prices into a spin.

SWITCHING to Angus-Blonde d’Aquitaine calves has been a profitable step for Susan Johnston.

When you spend most every day, every day, wrapped up in the cattle business or some other sector of agriculture, it's too easy to believe the relax of the world sees things from an identifiable viewpoint.

AUSTRALIAN cattle producers' biggest competitors have been creaming off ever-better returns over the past few years.

Landowners and farmers need to educate themselves about liability issues related to people on their land, regardless of insurance, signs or fees.

Selecting herd bulls is not an easy task. Identifying production goals is often the first step in identifying potential herd bulls.

The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) recently elected four new directors to serve a three-year term on the IBBA Board of Directors.

McDonald’s New Zealand today announced it has sold a whopping three million kilograms of New Zealand Angus beef since 2009. With today’s launch of the promotional Angus the Great burger, the company expects to continue its contribution to the success ...

McDonald’s New Zealand today announced it has sold a whopping three million kilograms of New Zealand Angus beef since 2009. With today’s launch of the promotional Angus the Great burger, the company expects to continue its contribution to the success of local Angus beef sales. This milestone is acknowledged by AngusPure’s chairman Tim Brittain, who says the ‘McAngus’ programme has been ...

Grasslands are healthiest when grazed. The periodic mowing stimulates new growth, and manure/urine from the grazing animals (and trampling of grass to provide litter) adds the necessary nutrients to the soil to make the grassland more productive.

Wild hogs continue to be a plague throughout Mississippi, occupying about half of the state's land area.

When it comes to attitude the eyes have it.

You could always tell the rare occasion when Peetie Womack had spent a might too long at the punch bowl: sooner or later, he'd receive around to most everyone, rub them on the noggin, his eyes sparkling.

DES MOINES - The Iowa Economic Development Authority board approved $4 million in state tax credits for the $48.6 million Iowa Premium Beef project in Tama during a meeting Friday.

While it is unlikely that any cattle producer has not recognized that the beef cattle industry is enjoying exceptional cattle prices, I'll point out something that should be obvious if you've sold any cattle over the last several months: The cattle markets are pretty unbelievable¸ having reached unprecedented high points.

Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) welcomes Bill Pendergrass to the team as the new Executive Vice President. With an interest and genuine care for cattlemen and the beef industry, Pendergrass expresses that his life's work is advocating for ranchers, helping the purebred sector embrace the future and actively establishing the importance of the Beefmaster breed for the benefit of its breeders and the beef industry in general.

PERTH, Australia — He speaks with a calm, steady voice as he tackles question after question in an attempt to explain one of the biggest mysteries the modern world has ever known: What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? Angus Houston has become the global face of the massive monthlong search operation off Australia's west coast to find the missing Boeing 777, which is believed to be ...

Today's cattle producers have a variety of technological applications available on their smartphones, which are about the size of the little notebooks their predecessors once carried in their shirt pockets for record keeping.

The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) welcomed members and show exhibitors to its annual convention in Houston March 4-8, 2014, in conjunction with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

The Munster Branch of the Irish Angus Cattle Society held its Premier Show & Sale in Kilmallock mart.

In Part 1 of this series we started by pointing out the obvious, that the beef cattle markets have been exceptional and that profits to the cattleman have been unprecedented.

CARLISLE: Monday, March 31. Weekly sale of primestock, breeding sheep and crop. Forward: 241 cast cows, 56 prime cattle, 77 prime bulls, 1,344 prime hoggs. Prices - cast cows/OTM: British blue to £2,174.60 each or 227.5 pence per kilogram; Charolais (stock bull) 1,887.14, 155.5; Limousin 1,581.15; British Friesian 1,271.01, 161.5; Holstein 1,124.55, 133.5; Aberdeen Angus 1,073.03, 142.5 ...

LANCASTER: Friday, March 28. Sale of cattle. Forward: 520 head. Prices. Store cattle - Bullocks: Charolais to £1,480 each. British Blue 1,450; Limousin 1,390; Hereford 1,280; Aberdeen Angus 1,200; Montbeliarde 1,170; South Devon 1,170; Friesian 1,010; Ayrshire 920; Simmental 900; Shorthorn 840; Swedish Red and White 750. Heifers: Charolais 1,270; Aberdeen Angus 1,220; Hereford 1,220; Limousin 1 ... has all the latest cattle news including the up to the minute USDA Market Reports. Check it out. has news of interest to commercial cattle producers. If you are a serious cattle producer this is the place for you!