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Seldom does a week go by that I don't receive a question or have a discussion concerning every-natural programs, organic programs or a comparison of the two.

Notwithstanding the collapse of cattle futures prices that ended last year and welcomed the new one, cattle prices remain close historic highs.

China presents an exciting opportunity as an export destination for Australian Angus cattle, with almost 30,000 Angus heifers certified for export there last year.

Tom Gubbins, who runs a herd of 1,400 Aberdeen Angus cows in Victoria, Australia, told delegates at the British Cattle Breeding Conference that it was time to “ditch livestock showing”.

ANGUS cattle have had pride of place on Campsie at Penola for more than 15 years and Duan Butler sees no reason to change.

Now that Republicans will control the Senate, the question arises whether this will result in tax reform, or at least impact how the IRS conducts its business.

Mississippi's beef cattle producers just experienced the best year in history, and 2015 looks equally promising.

Cool temperatures and brisk fall weather produced a hot Brangus sale in Georgia.

“Just a little easier than spotting a bull moose in a one-horse trailer,” Myron said. He was telling Hooter and Roy Bean “Benny” Wilson how he discovered the perfect chink in the corporate armor of Cornelius Highbottom III.

Cattle sold at the Highwood Livestock Auction Market went for healthy prices on Feb. 23. The case of a single cow close Spruce Grove with BSE hasn’t affected prices at the Aldersyde area auction market.

FEATURE breeder's lines of steers and heifers aided a strong sale at Pakenham yesterday.

When I was a youngster, in the formative stages of my life, the place where I resided was the home of the most hated hog in America. Pancakes was her name and she was by far the smartest animal I have ever raised.

In a productive, profitable cattle operation, fertility is absolutely critical. From the most basic of perspectives, fertility, in both male and female animals, is the capability for creating life.

Virtually every cattleman will tell you that the success of his operation is dependent on producing healthy, productive replacements. The nutrition and health management of newborn calves is a constant topic of concern, and every producer is looking for a cost-effective, magic combination of products and practices that result in healthy calves on a consistent basis.

The 11th annual Briggs Santa Gertrudis Commercial Female and Bull Sale and 37th annual Tri Star Registered Female Sale found strong demand from 163 willing buyers representing 13 states and the countries of Mexico and Nicaragua.

“You receive what you pay for” is a saying that often assumes limitations. It comes to mind when you or a pal find disappointment in a supposed bargain.

A capacity crowd met one of the most complete offerings of Brangus genetics in history with great enthusiasm, as Bill and Gail Davis hosted their 8th annual two-day event where attendees have arrive to expect their combination of outstanding cattle and one of a nice hospitality.

A look back at Canada’s mad cow crisis 2003-2005: May 20, 2003: Canadian Food Inspection Agency announces a black Angus cow from northern Alberta has been found to have bovine spongiform encephalopathy. United States immediately closes its border to Canadian beef and cattle. About 40 countries follow suit. June 17: Federal Agriculture Minister Lyle Vanclief Read the relax of the Entry

SOUTH East beef producer John Andre believes a black baldy cow is the number one beef breeding female for milk production, mothering ability and doing-ability.

Our health care system really has gone to the dogs.

It's that time! It's that time of the year when many producers start giving thought to the future of their cow herd. Given current cattle markets, these are important considerations. One major decision many producers will make will be whether or not they will need to buy a new bull or bulls to replace current animals in the herd.

Livestock publications this time of year often run articles on Spring calving. These articles always start with instructions to make sure your fences are tight, you are well rested, and that you are on good terms with a veterinarian so that when you call the vet at 2:00 AM with a calving issue he or she is going to pop right out of bed and steer 60 miles in a blizzard to your place to deliver a calf. Ha ha ha. Like that's gonna happen.

Larson Angus Cattle Co. of Woodburn is a new member of the American Angus Association®, reported Bryce Schumann, chief executive officer of the national breed organization headquartered in Saint Joseph, Mo.

Christopher Pilny for - Your Universe Online Dr. James West, Vanderbilt University associate professor of medicine and chief science officer of Climate Adaptive Genetics , has developed a new hybrid of Angus cattle that he believes could meet the rising demand for beef production. Plugging in genes from Silver Galloway and Senepol cattles into Angus semen, West will create the first ...

Christopher Pilny for - Your Universe Online Move over pageant girls: Researchers at Climate Adaptive Genetics (CAG) believe they’ve found the real answer to world hunger. Or, at least, the partial answer to it. Dr. James West, associate professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University and chief science officer of CAG, has developed a way to produce white Angus cattle, an innovation ... has all the latest cattle news including the up to the minute USDA Market Reports. Check it out. has news of interest to commercial cattle producers. If you are a serious cattle producer this is the place for you!