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The North Carolina Simmental Association hosts one of the longest running state sales in the breed. Friday night's membership meeting showcases member's achievements and raises funds for the coming year. Saturday's Fall Harvest sale showcases the outstanding genetics of the North Carolina Simmental members. This year the offering was made almost completely of NC members, expect for a few long time out of state consignors.

Risk in cattle feeding skyrocketed with costs and prices in recent years. Still volatile but not bullish, the market demands greater risk management than ever, according to panelists at the August Feeding Quality Forum (FQF) at La Vista, Neb., and Garden City, Kansas.

Every year, countless cattle operations find themselves in a similar situation. For one reason or another it becomes necessary for them to purchase at least some of the hay they will need for winter feeding.

There's nothing new about cow Body Condition Scores (BCS), what they are or how to use them as a guide to herd nutrition—specifically a gauge of excess nutrients stored as body fat.

Improvement of the economic position of the farm or ranch is an ongoing process for many commercial cow-calf producers. Profitability may be enhanced by increasing the volume of production (i.e. the pounds of calves you market) and/or the value of products you sell (improving quality).

Their future has been mortgaged, the government has a lien on their life and their parent's principles are in the pawn store. We have a second mortgage on their spirit.

Circle A Angus Ranch, headquartered in Iberia, Mo., was proud to host their 9th Annual Fall Bull and Heifer sale offering. Four hundred fourteen head sold on October 17. The bleachers were filled with potential buyers vying for the opportunity to possess elite genetics backed by great service by bidding on the 120 bulls, and 294 bred heifers.

Managing forage systems is a vital part of most beef operations. High feed and fuel costs coupled with the lack of experienced labor continue to push the envelope for operations looking to keep dollars and maintain profitability.

Some forage species are more energy-dense than others, containing higher levels of sugars. Beef producers around the world have been utilizing some of these species in grass-fed beef production, using forages instead of grain for finishing beef animals. Some of these forages can also be beneficial in a fall/winter grazing program.

As creatures of habit, our lives follow patterns.

The 55th Annual Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) Convention - "Island Time for Beefmasters" was hosted in Galveston, Texas at the Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa and Convention middle, from October 29 - 31, 2015.

The Foundation Sale held on October 3, 2015 at the United Producers Sale Facility in Bowling Green, Ky., drew a great crowd of people to the inaugural sale hosted by the ACH Holdings; Stephen, Emily and Carter Haynes.

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As most livestock producers are aware, the use of antibiotics in the feeding and production of food animals has been below constant scrutiny for several years. has all the latest cattle news including the up to the minute USDA Market Reports. Check it out. has news of interest to commercial cattle producers. If you are a serious cattle producer this is the place for you!