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I don't receive out much these days and the other day I went to the auction market for the first time in a long time. At least I thought it was the same auction market.

“Anytime the matter of cow efficiency becomes overwhelmingly complex, we should revert to the basics.” That's a statement made by the tardy Bob Totusek, an animal science icon at Oklahoma State University.

For decades, farmers, ranchers and land managers across the United States have fought a losing war against feral hogs. This invasive animal acts similarly to a harmful virus in the human body.

I'm starting to feel older than dirt. And I swear there is soil in our garden that I knew when it was rocks. Oh, how a few decades can change your outlook on life.

In Part 1 of this series we began discussing the effects that the nutrition of the pregnant cow pre-calving can have direct effects on how well the resulting calf performs throughout its life.

A decade ago I was in college and heard the same unhappy story over and over: young people just didn't know how to cook, and that was sure to spell disaster for beef demand.

The 25th Anniversary Sale went off without a hitch – no snow, sleet, ice, rain or earthquakes and for that we are thankful.

Maybe you're just starting out in the cattle business, or maybe you've been in it for decades and thought you'd seen it every by now. Either way, this is an exciting time when you can be sure of great risk and, potentially, great rewards.

Cool temperatures and beginning spring grass greeted a nice crowd of Brangus enthusiasts at the Salacoa Valley Farms Customer Appreciation Sale.

I've read that many writers have a difficult time letting themselves be glad. I don't know if it's the actual writing that causes depression, or if depressed people are just drawn to the job.

Beef production costs middle largely around the three F's – Feed, Fertilizer and Fuel. The costs of every three of these commodities are generally volatile and it's doubtful this will ever change.

“What do you mean she just disappeared?” Vernon Caterwauller repeated into the phone. His face turned a paler shade of bleached chalk.

A break in the harsh winter weather and the opportunity to purchase strictly choice, graded replacement stock cows and bulls packed the bleachers at the Four States Spring turn out sale Saturday, March 7th.

For the last 20 something years, it never fails that at different times of the year certain topics become of greater concern. In the spring, these largely focus on two things: bloat and grass tetany.

Alabama will host the seventh annual Deep South Stocker Conference Aug. 6-7 in Montgomery, Alabama. The conference is targeting cattle producers in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. has all the latest cattle news including the up to the minute USDA Market Reports. Check it out. has news of interest to commercial cattle producers. If you are a serious cattle producer this is the place for you!